Just a little over a year ago I was invovled in the casting of Cinemagics first feature film called A Christmas Star! I was working with the casting directors called John and Dan Hubbard and they are described as the best in the industry as they have casted films such as Lord of The Rings.

Over the year I have travled to LA with Cinemagic to be an ambarssored in their film festival in LA. While I was out there we made a american version of the music video We Can Shine with some American students who are involved in the festival, which was very enjoyable.

Here is the full version of the music with parts from LA in it (the white studio and the roof top scene)

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Throughout the year I have been doing some work for Cinemagic such as working on a theater project were I did behind the scenes documentary operator and filmed the show as well with help from my friend Nathan!

A few months a go I got ticket in post inviting me to the premiere of the film in Belfast at The SSE Arena! Which was really cool and I was looking forward to it, because I would get to meeting people from the cast and crew who worked on set while I worked on things behind the scenes.


I didn’t want to be just a guest at the film I wanted to work! So I volunteered myself to do some camera for the behind the scenes documentary, which meant I had to gather cut aways of The SSE Arena before it was filled and when it was fill. I also had to film the documentary crew working at the red carpet!


During the event we had the stars arriving on the Red Carpet along with entertainment inside such as singers, dancers and interviews with the main cast and crew before the film started! The SSE Arena had all 12 screens playing the film at the same time which allowed all 2500 guests watch it!


So what is the film about?


Here is the film trailer

Born under the Christmas Star, Noelle believes she has the gift to perform miracles, so when conniving developer McKerrod threatens her peaceful life she and her friends determine to use this gift to thwart his plans and save their village.( Source imdb)

Here is a video I made when I was at the event!

Seeing my name in the credits was really cool and I was surprised to see it! But I’m really proud that I took part in finding the young stars for the film!


The main cast and crew in the film are the following:

Lord Julian Fellowes (writer of Downtown Abbey)
Erin Galway-Kendrick
Bronagh Waugh ( Hollyoaks, The Fall)
Richard Clements( Good Vibrations, The Fall)
Pierce Brosnan(James Bond)
Suranne Jones(Scott & Bailey, Doctor Foster)
Robert James-Collier ( Downtown Abbey, Coronation Street)
Dermot O’Leary ( X-Factor)

Directed by Richard Elson ( M.I. High, Steffi)
Written by Maire Campbell ( Punch)
Narrated by Laim Nesson ( Taken)

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Some new actors from across Ireland who took part as the main children actors:

Aoife Hughes
John Moan
Alecoe Haughey
James Stockdale
Amy Dunne
Mainie Mullholland
Patrick Roe
Sean Ronan
Zena Donnelly
Joshua Smith

The film is out in cinemas on Friday 13th November 2015 across Northern Ireland and Ireland.

I can’t wait to work on more project like this with Cinemagic in the near future