On friday the 26th of october i went to Gortatole to work with a youth group from Derry~Londonderry.
on the Friday when i got there i went into a meeting to talk about what we where going to do with the kids.
When they arrived we took them into the games room to do a few ice breaker games to get to know each other better. After a while when it got dark we split the group of kids into two diffrent groups and took them out on a night line which consited of them tided together and blindfolded so they cant see, so they will have to listen to us telling them what to do and they had to help each other do things when they can’t see.
once we done that wee took them in for some supper which was tea and toast and they had to make it themself. after that we let them play some games until 1230am.
Saturday 26th

Got up at 7 and got read for breakfast and then we had a meeting about todays plans. then Alan gave me the keys to open up the rope stores because we are going absailing of some cliff. We got the kids to come over to the store and then we got them kited out with the correct equiment need to do this activity. We took them to the area which we where planing to do it. we had problems finding a decent location which was safe to do it at! once we got it i was the 1st to go down it because i was unclipping the young people as they came down and they had to stay with me then. once we completed that task we went back to base for lunch!
after lunch we went out with Robin in the Canones for a wee while and then we let the young people play about in the water for a wee while! once we packin everything away, we took them back to the centre to gert ready for dinner.

More post will come soon after this one!