A band called On Parole was letting me use their music on our Home Grown Mountain Bikes Series. I took a big interest in them!! So approached them asking if I could make a film/web series about them! The said Yes!! We are in the Pre-Production stages at the moment and will be having a meeting later this month about the film.
We already have a team lined up but we can’t name them yet!! We the band who are being the producers ,we also have a set photographer we need to confirm if that person is going to do it or not! We have a camera team which is me and some other people that i am going to hire for it!!
As you all know films need money!! So once we have this meeting i’m planning to set up a indiegogo page for the film to do some crowd funding! I need £600 to make the film happen!! If you donate money to us! you could end up getting some really cool perks in return for example a singed photo from the crew or executive producer credits!

We are really looking forward to start filming this project!! and i want our fan base to help support us in process of this film! you can do this buy donating to our indiegogo page once it is set up or simply share the page to help create interest!


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